Our Mission

At Jade Tea, we care about where our tea come from and how it is grown. We are constantly on the quest to find more tea farmers that truly care about the land and their tea.

We hope a cup of good tea can calm one and induce a sense of connection with nature. We do not believe one needs to perform sophisticated rituals in order to enjoy a cup of tea.

We hope to bring you not only tea, but also a lifestyle. Our product will not be limited to Chinese tea, we will bring tea that are grown from all around the world. We will also carry antique as well as contemporary teaware. We want to share with you how tea can make a difference in a modern context.

We sell responsibly sourced tea to promote this harmony, promote a lifestyle, for a greater good.

About our tea plantation

Our tea is the product of harmony between man and land. We revere this earth we live on and we want to sustain the land as the land sustains us. This is why we source our teas only from tea farmers who treasure and tend to their land as much as the land provides for them. Our teas are responsibly grown with an absolute aversion to pesticides and herbicides, and with all organic sesame and soy fertilizers that nourish the land instead of eroding it.

We cherish the tea farmers who cherish their ecosystem, who fight to care for it rather than exploit it. This is why we are supplied by a Taiwan organization that devotes a portion of its proceeds to help tea farmers and their families, and aid in their children’s education.

The cup of tea in front of us does not come easily. It was nourished by the soil and ages of rain and snow and sun. It was carefully collected and meticulously crafted by tea farmers and tea technicians. The cup of tea in front of us represents the harmony between man and nature, both caring and providing for each other.